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No Price Too Great - By: Lee Solomon


Their journey took them to the edge of the abyss; a Chinese woman and an American man. They gazed into the darkness below. This was a darkness borne of fear; a fear that chilled them to the soul.

Whether bravely or foolishly, they had decided they would never be together. Their passion and love for each other notwithstanding, they had made that decision. The decision made, with heavy hearts they had said a last goodbye.

And then silence.
Forty eight hours of silence.
Grief so overbearing that they could not sleep.
Too hurt to cry. Too hurt to think. Too scared to think about the future, they suffered alone.

They had to tell the girl. That is when the tears began to fall. The girl’s tears would not stop. She cried all afternoon. Then late at night, still sobbing, she fell into a restless sleep. Her world fallen apart, her eyes so puffy she could no longer see. She lay there in the darkness with a broken spirit, wet tissues clenched in her hands.

The woman also cried now. Half a world away, the man shared their grief and their tears. Earlier, the girl had asked to talk to the man. The woman had said no. “He is hurting too,” she said. “We are all hurting. We are so sorry. We don't want to hurt you. We don't want to hurt each other.” “I never, ever want to go to America now,” the girl had shouted at the woman, tears streaming down her face.

The woman sat in the darkness, deep into the night, mourning their loss. Her dark eyes had lost their sparkle. The long dark hair that spilled in curls from her head cast a shadow across her face as dim light from the moon crept into the room. She was a strikingly beautiful woman. Taller and shapelier than would be expected for a woman of her race, her appearance usually dominated when she entered a room.

Tonight, however, the woman was overcome with emotion. Her shoulders were slumped. Her breathing was shallow. Time stood still in her heart, while the minutes ticked surely by in the silent room. Shortly before dawn, with strength from somewhere deep within, the woman stirred. “This is not how we want this to end,” the woman whispered to the exhausted body of the little girl.

No Price too Great, by Lee Solomon

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