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No Price Too Great - By: Lee Solomon


In often raw emotional terms, No Price Too Great tells the story of a Chinese business woman and an American lawyer who met and fell in love while they still lived in separate worlds. The book presents the difficulties, the hopes, the dreams, the fears, and the sometimes crushing and overpowering feelings that were experienced when trying to bring three people from two totally different cultures into one family.

This book deals openly and candidly with how differences in age and race and culture between two lovers both before and after they became husband and wife impacted their lives. It also shows the prejudice that exists in surprising places and in surprising ways, even within the same race.

The daily chronicle of events after this family was finally together in America is heartwarming and refreshing. It is also true, and because it is told in first person just as it was written when the events happened, it is hard to put the book down.

Ultimately this book tells the story of a love that would not be denied The story of an American man, a Chinese woman, and a Chinese girl whose bond became so strong that nothing could keep them from becoming a family.

Within this beautiful love story is the compelling and touching story about a teenage Chinese girl who had never known a father. It tells how she came to love and accept a round eyed man who lived on another continent as her own father, and how he in turn came to love her as his own daughter. It also tells how in the end it was their devotion to each other and to the woman they both loved that helped overcome the most difficult obstacle they faced before they could finally fulfill their lifelong dream of having a warm and loving family.

Comments by Readers

The author expected that the book would appeal more to female readers, and he received rave reviews from them, even from Chinese women, such as:

● “It is so sad ... . It is so happy! ... I must to print pages again. My tears make ink run. I can not see words.”
But the comments from male readers were shocking to the author. Here are some comments from male readers:

● “This book will make you laugh and it will make you cry. You will experience sadness and loneliness, happiness and despair. If you are not crying as you read the closing chapters in this book, then you have no emotion.”

● “Ok, I have printed and read the final chapters more than 5 times today. Thank goodness [my fiancee] was at school lest she see tears streaming down my face each time I read them.”

● “I want to say it’s just your eloquent writing -- but something else is at work here. Your writing is superb.”

● “I was stunned by your finish. I have tried to rationalize the differences in age between myself and my fiancee. Your book cut to the chase and left me teetering on the abyss.”

● “Your emotional story cut to the core of the issues that my fiancee and I face. You have brilliantly articulated my most feared nightmare.”

● “A truly fine piece of work. Edit, embellish, publish -- know that I will certainly buy a copy.”

● “I liked your book so well that I sent a copy to my fiancée in China. I can already tell you that what she has read so far has brought her to tears many times and to great laughter and joy many times as well.”

● “I just read to the end. Very beautiful book. I just want to thank you for everything you've shared. It touched my heart deeply”.

● “I was in tears more than once reading your book. I liked it so much I sent a copy to my fiancée in China. She called me crying at 4 a. m. to say it is the most wonderful story she has ever read. Your story has given us hope and the endurance to carry on and for this we thank you so much.”

No Price too Great, by Lee Solomon

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