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No Price Too Great - By: Lee Solomon

Press Release. January 2009

The plight of star crossed lovers has touched hearts since at least the times of Romeo and Juliet. Attorney and author Lee Solomon has written a gripping story in his first novel. It is a work of creative fiction that is based on a true story, so it contains autobiographical and biographical facts that add reality and credibility to the story. His book has received rave reviews from readers across the country and even from other parts of the world. As one reader said, “I want to say it’s just your eloquent writing -- but something else is at work here. Your writing is superb.”

“No Price Too Great tells the story of a Chinese business woman and an American lawyer who met and fell in love while they still lived in separate worlds,” says Solomon. “The book, he said, presents the difficulties, the hopes, the dreams, the fears, and the sometimes crushing and overpowering feelings that were experienced when trying to bring three people from two totally different cultures into one family.”

Many readers have described how this book has caused them at times to laugh, and at times to shed tears, as they have enjoyed the intimacy of this beautiful story of family and romance. This story, which is told in often raw emotional terms, is almost like a fairy tale story about how two lovers from opposite ends of the world overcame many obstacles so that they could build their own happily ever after. It builds to a dramatic and satisfying ending, leaving readers yearning to know more about this family. “I was stunned by your finish,” one reader wrote.

In a story that is written in a style that is unusual and refreshing, Solomon takes readers through his difficult childhood, enterprising adolescence and eventual success. More importantly, he tells them the spellbinding story of Ping, the woman he fell in love with from half a world away, and the story of their Chinese daughter.

In a time when the story of a Chinese woman and an American man finding happiness and their own happily ever after is not often heard, the romance between Lee and Ping is like a dream with a liberal dose of reality thrown in. Ping was a divorced woman raising a child alone in a country where divorce was a stigma of shame. Lee was an American lawyer who was focused on his career, convinced that marriage and romance were just a distant memory.

The two met through a chance comment and subsequent introduction between mutual friends. Then through emails and phone calls and travel between America and China , they formed a romance and a family that some will envy and all will applaud. Their happily ever after wasn’t that simple, however. They had to endure more than a year and a half of uncertainty and waiting while separated by an ocean; time and uncertainty and distance that threatened to stretch their relationship to the breaking point despite their love for each other.

“The Consulate in Guangzhou , China celebrates both Chinese holidays and American holidays,” states Solomon. “They apparently take arbitrary holidays as well,” he adds only half jokingly, as he personally experienced a closure of the Consulate on a day that it was supposed to be open.

On a serious note, Solomon adds a comment that is based on his knowledge of hundreds of immigration cases that have been handled through that Consulate. “To be fair,” he says, “the Consulate handles immigration cases for all of China , so they are undoubtedly busy. Nevertheless, there often seems to be no compassion, no sense of concern, let alone urgency, in processing the cases.”

The paperwork and the distance and the waiting weren’t the only obstacles they would face. Coming to America was a blending of different cultures, different languages, different foods and different lifestyles for the new family. “No Price Too Great” is the story of the years leading up to Lee and Ping’s marriage, and the changes and obstacles that had to be overcome in order to turn a long distance hope into the love of a lifetime.

“Ultimately,” as the publisher has noted on the cover, “this book tells the story of a love that would not be denied. The story of an American man, a Chinese woman, and a Chinese girl whose bond became so strong that nothing could keep them from becoming a family.”

Lee Solomon, Attorney at Law, and now the author of a compelling book that readers are raving about, is a classic example of the boy from the wrong side of the tracks climbing the ladder of success. He uses as background for the story his days of working in a neighborhood bakery for less than fifty cents an hour to do what he could to help as his mother and disabled father struggled to feed their family of eight, to a nineteen month tour of duty in combat in Vietnam, and ultimately the growth and development of his own law firm specializing in immigration and business law.

Lee Solomon uses his remarkable writing skills and the story of the love and life he found with his wife, Ping, and their daughter, Cici, to draw in and inspire readers all over the world. A woman in China had this to say about the book: “It is so sad ... . It is so happy! ... I must to print pages again. My tears make ink run. I cannot see words.”

If you have never believed in love, this book is for you. If you are still looking for love, this book is for you. If you have loved and lost, this book is for you. And finally, if you are afraid to believe in love, this book is for you. This is a love story for the ages, told by a masterful storyteller, for all of us to enjoy.

By Lee Solomon

No Price too Great, by Lee Solomon

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